THE ELECTRONIC MUSIC SERIES (Ire, Epix 01) by Infinite Fields

INFINITE FIELDS from Quanta Records release for HORSE IS NOT a 30-mn mix to be part of IRE, the new entry in the Electronic Music Series.
INFINITE FIELDS is an electronic music duo from Paris. Both artists are inspired by a wide range of musical genres and their friendship has resulted in this collaborative EP on Quanta Records.
« Fraction Of Time » presents a raw and hybrid techno. The uncompromising « WFS » is in line with the original social concern of the Detroit techno pioneers and should have an instant impact on any clubber anywhere. The B-side contains two tracks, « Zygomatiques » and « Slow Suicide », with elaborate melodies and funk influences. The use of analog synthesizers brings a radiant aspect to these tracks.
INFINITE FIELDS are Michael Laidet & Aloïs Vandecandelaere.
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IRE, Epix 01 (THE ELECTRONIC MUSIC SERIES) by Infinite Fields by Horseisnot on Mixcloud

Simon Says / Sanctuaire
Laurent Maldo & Jules Wells / The lighthouse
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) / Heilige Leben
Daxyl / Waterjack
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Halvtrak / Imaginary Water
Terrence Dixon / Return Of The Speaker People
Deft / Perky